Welcome to the beautiful natural world of Winteringham.

A Host of Golden Daffodils

Winteringham Nature Site - Waterside Daffodils

Winteringham Nature Site - Waterside DaffodilsSpring is here!  And the daffodils down Waterside wave in the sunshine from a clear sky, whilst some shrubs also burst into bloom and the trees still await their wake-up call.


Winteringham Nature Site - FrogSpot the frog!

Can you see the frog in the large picture - its camouflage is so good that you could easily miss it. However, we’ve given an inset of the picture to make it easier to see (top left).

This year’s icy conditions have disrupted breeding with the loss of much frogspawn, but hopefully a few weeks good spring weather will help this popular and useful creature.  If you’d like to hear the noise the frog makes, please go to the “Spotting Animals” page, where we have a recording of several!

Peacock butterfly

Employing a different concept in camouflage to the frog, is the peacock butterfly. It is thought that the roundels look like giant eyes to the butterfly’s enemies, who therefore choose to leave it well alone!  This picture was taken on 25th March in the village - extremely early for this breed of butterfly to be seen out and about.Winteringham Nature Site - Peacock butterfly


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