Welcome to the beautiful natural world of Winteringham.

Sentinels of the bridge!

Winteringham Nature Site - Guinea FowlThese two “sentinels” were seen guarding Green Bridge. They are guinea fowl, pictured by Harry, down Marsh Lane.


Winteringham Nature Site - Large white

The buddleia plant that is being visited by this large white, is also known as the ‘butterfly plant’ - and for good reason! This one in School Road is an excellent ‘feeding station’ for Winteringham’s fluttering visitors.

There must be some reason for it - perhaps enjoying the reflected heat of a warm Winteringham afternoon - but the red admiral (below) apparently favours a garage wall to the delights of the buddleia!

Winteringham Nature Site - Red Admiral



Winteringham Nature Site - Tortoiseshell

“Come closer, come closer,” said the ... tortoiseshell?  Mmm, maybe we have the wrong poem, but you’ll hardly get closer than this superb photograph from Ken Jacobs!


Winteringham Nature Site - Swallows

The five wires slung from the telephone poles near Winteringham School look for all the world like music staves with the swallows forming the notes! If you can play the music the birds are ‘printing’, we’d be fascinated to hear it! In the meantime, we’ll just enjoy the sight and sound of Winteringham’s summer visitors, and be fascinated by their skilful flying displays being practised (below).

Winteringham Nature Site - Swallows

Winteringham Nature Site - Geese

Canada Geese in their wild Winteringham home, close by the Humber.

Winteringham Nature Site - Soay Sheep


Winteringham Nature Site - Soay Sheep

Soay sheep - they have their fleece pulled, not shorn!

Winteringham Nature Site - starlings

How’s this for perfect spacing?  These starlings ‘spacial awareness’ is a marvel to behold as they sit in harmony on the telephone wires in School Road. They’re all facing the same direction too!

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