Welcome to the beautiful natural world of Winteringham.

Winteringham Nature Site - Marsh marigold

Marsh marigold!

It belongs to the ranunculus family. It grows to an average height of one foot but can be up to twice that height.  It blooms between April and June, and comes in just the one colour!

Winteringham Nature Site - Waterside Hares

His and Hares? These two were out enjoying the glorious April weather on Waterside close by the end of Marsh Lane, when Harry ‘shot’ them - in the nicest possible way - as you can see!

Winteringham Nature Site - Blackbird

Blackbird (turdus merula)

This magnificent male blackbird was captured for posterity in the garden of Will Mawer.

John Wilkinson tells us that he has seen a bigger variety of birds than ever before this year in his garden.

As the natural habitat shrinks, more and more are finding welcome refuge alongside humans - and therefore it is essential to provide feeding stations and nest boxes for our feathered friends.



Winteringham Nature Site - Ducks

Must quack on!

A mallard and two Indian runner ducks in Marsh Lane in mid-April 2005

Winteringham Nature Site - Buzzards

In early April 2006, Lorraine Carey captured these two buzzards as they wheeled through a rainbow close to the Haven.

Winteringham Nature Site - Ladybirds

St George’s Day 2006, and this young ladybird maiden has won the heart of her knight - who is quite literally in shining armour!  Looks like a good year for young ladybirds in Keith’s West End garden!

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